WXM Clothing, founded Summer 22 in North Wales & the fastest growing street wear brand in the UK.

From humble beginnings, we embarked on a journey fuelled by passion and a shared vision: to blend luxury with streetwear. Between us with a background of graphic design & a love for high end fashion we knew we could make this possible for you.

Collaboration is at the heart of our journey at WXM Clothing. We believe in the power of partnerships to fuel innovation and drive growth, which is why we work closely with a network of like-minded individuals and organisations around the world to cultivate an exciting brand experience, including Betty Buzz & Randy Cow. 

We draw inspiration from North Wales and deliver to the rest of the world, combining simplicity, the functionality and versatility of contemporary leisure wear. Each piece not only reflects our commitment to quality but also embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation.

We understand that growth isn't just about expanding our brand - it's about creating opportunities and making a positive impact in our community. As we continue to flourish, we're dedicated to providing employment opportunities to the talented individuals locally. 

We're not just building a brand - we are building a community.

Thank you for your support,
WXM Clothing